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Who we are and where we came from ..........

In August 2019 the EAGT training programme was opened to include all of East Anglia. Previously it had been based in Norfolk, but it was found that there was interest from Goddess-loving people across the region. 


Initially called the East Anglia Goddess Community, within a short while, with increased student applications, the name was changed to East Anglia Goddess Temple.  Three training spirals are held at any one time, plus those who have completed their spirals often stay with the Temple.

Last year a committee to drive the Temple and Community forward was formed. This is known as Iceni Magna, which includes the Temple training course working independently, but within the Iceni Magna group. 


Iceni Magna is a home for myths and history of the region, as well as the ancient beliefs of the peoples in the area.

EAGT aim is to create a permanent Temple. In the meantime, we are holding Pop-Up Temples across the region.

When not currently holding in person ceremonies, the Temple holds ceremonies on zoom, which is becoming more necessary as our Community spreads over a larger area.

Central to the EAGT Community is the training programme for Priestesses and Priests of Andraste. Temples cannot operate without them.  However, people train entirely for themselves first and foremost. This is a journey to meet the Goddess and learn of Her ways.  Should trainees want to work within our Temple and Community, they are most welcome.

Our patron Goddess, Andraste, was worshipped by the Iceni Tribe of Norfolk, and Her influence stretched from the Wash to mid Kent. Known as the Invincible One, She is a wonderful inspiration to EAGT.  We include with Andraste, Boudicca, as their history and myths are intertwined.

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