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Some work 1st Spiral students
have produced in 2023/2024

Idunna Poem


childhood dreams come to fruition

deep in the magick of our intuition


the child within, stares into the water spring,

reflections challenged and fade,

see forth, intentions of the dreams we once made


playful faces dance in the water of youth,

so pure are our intentions to rejuvenate,

the immortals stare back, and kind faces merge

see forth, as we are as one

others needs as important as some


Idunna bring and share with us your gifts,

of generosity, youthfulness and dreams,

see clear child like inspirations

with pure intentions

see forth understanding of rejuvenation

let us see the needs of others in our fantasies


time to return to the light of the golden sun

the blossom of the apple of youth in the trees

for the blossom that comes with such purity

see forth for all we feel and yet cannot yet see


bless the light, bless the swans so white

bless the birds, bless the sparrows and geese

bless the squirrels and lambs

bless us as we advance with you Idunna

let us go forth as one into Imbolc

across the land with merriment so fresh

go forth with white and pale green

Idunna, let our child like truth be seen


Cat  Imbolc 2024 

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