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Prayer to our Goddesses

Bless Cerridwen, Holder of the Transforming Cauldron

Bless Arianrhod, Traveller of Knowledge in the Bright Skies

Bless Iduna, Keeper of the Golden Apples

Bless Sulis, Who burns the Sacred Flame

Bless Damara, Queen of Harmony and Fairy Folk

Bless Nehalenia, Ruler of Emotions and the Sacred Waters

Bless Habondia, Mother of the first Harvest

Bless Ecre, Protectress and Keeper of the Crystals

Bless Boudica, Warrior and Bringer of Victory

Bless Andraste, Invincible One Who lives in our Hearts

                                                                                                            Copyright Chantal 2020

Our Resident Astrologer, and a Priestess of Andraste

Claire Morgan, EAGT's Resident Astrologer and a Priestess of  Andraste gives us astrological insights to the upcoming Moons

Claire 3.jpg

The next New Moon reading for 10 March 2024 can be found on the

East Anglia Goddess Temple You Tube channel.

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Seasonal Prayer with Fliss,
a Priestess of Andraste

Flissy Boots.jpg

Imbolc 2024

Click this link to listen to the recording on You Tube

OR click on the FB icon at the bottom of this page which will take you to our EAGT FB Page

Seasonal Altars

A Sister of Iceni, Rachel, takes us around her Imbolc seasonal altar and gives us an explanation of its meaning at this time of year.

Go to our You Tube channel and listen in

And don't forget to give us a thumbs up!

Rachel photo.jpg

Priestess of Andraste, Melonie, calling in Kerridwen and Andraste back in Autumn 2022

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