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EAGT Priestess / Priest Training Course

Become a Priestess or Priest of Andraste


The Goddess Andraste is the ancient Goddess of the Iceni tribe, and beloved of Queen Boudicca.  She was worshipped in East Anglia, as far as Epping in Essex, where once a Sacred Grove was dedicated to Andraste, and further South into mid Kent.

EAGT runs three spirals over a three year period. Students start on spiral one and progress through the years.

However, a student may choose to only do spiral one and then take a break or not pursue further spirals - the choice is theirs.

The course is run online, via zoom. Dates are given for the whole year ahead starting in October each year.

There is always an in-person gathering at the end of the year to which students are expected to commit to attend.

Assignments are set at each Festival throughout the year and support is available from Priestess of Andraste Tutors.

Led by Christine who trained at Glastonbury Goddess Temple and is a Priestess of Avalon.  In 2014 she

dedicated as Priestesses of Andraste.  Fellow tutors are Claire and Melonie, are both Priestesses of Andraste.

We are now taking new applications for Autumn 2023.

If you are interested, please see contact details below to apply.

Spiral One

Over eight assignments throughout the year starting at Samhain, you will meet the Goddess Andraste, the Invincible One.  You will open the mysteries of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine, meeting the many faces of the Goddess on the Wheel of Andraste from the Anglo/Celtic and Norse Pantheons.

You will learn the ancient roles and tools of the Priestess and Priest; how to conduct ceremonies and hold sacred space.

Culminating in a self-dedication as a Sister or Brother of the Iceni Magna.

Spiral Two

Over a further eight assignments, you will deepen your journey with the Goddesses of the Wheel of Andraste. We incorporate a bit of magick into this years' training as you are led into a deeper understanding of the Goddess and Her nature in East Anglia.

Culminating in a self-dedication as a Priestess or Priest of the Goddess

Spiral Three

The third and final Spiral will be a time of personal development and connection to the Goddess. With daily devotions and journeys into Her temple, assignments will be sent over nine months, with regular Zoom connections with the tutor.

Culminating in a self-dedication as Priestess or Priest of Andraste. 

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There will be Zoom tutorials with each assignment, to which you will be expected to join.  Each Spiral will have a dedicated Messenger Page or WhatsApp group, to connect with each other.


You will be allocated a personal tutor, and each Spiral will have a mentor, Madron Mother or Father who is a Priestess or Priest of Andraste.


We shall be gathering in East Anglia at Autumn over three days, for time spent with your Spiral group, Tutors and Madron, culminating in your dedication ceremony, to which you are expected to attend. 


The Gatherings are non-residential.


First Spiral for 2023/24 intake Gathering dates are 11th 12th and 13th of October 2024.


Christine Watts

Telephone: 07778 391925 or message Christine Watts on Facebook Messenger

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