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Article #4 Beltane




 The relationship between Men,                               

                         Women and the Goddess


                                                                                                                                                             Photo by René Porter

In ancient times the woman was venerated as Goddess. She is the original Mother who nourished her eggs, and gave birth to the world inhabitants. Her rites of passage beginning at Her moon time were celebrated as it represented fertility.  Where we lived more by the seasons and natural order of the world around us, tribal women synchronised their moon time and this was honoured by the male.


Of course, the men had an important part to play in the fertilisation of a new egg to strengthen the tribe.  They provided the hunt. Although women did also hunt and forage for food.  But it is the women that cooked and prepared the flour from grain by grinding with stones.  It was the women that gathered the healing herbs and made medicine.

The sexes were equal but the women were celebrated, as the Great Mother.  Many Goddess effigies were made using found local clay and survive to this day.  Today we are awakening that need for the Goddess, as the male has taken dominance over women for far too long. 


She has always been there waiting for her re-emergence.  Women have found their voice, although we still continue to fight for the injustices of women but we have Boudicca running through our veins. A huge thankyou to the Suffragettes that brought the women the vote and the rise of the feminist movement. We still have a long way to go but we are winning …  Hail the Goddess.

It is lovely to see our brothers joining the fight and becoming Priests. I think we need more men but we have to be patient.  With the re-emergence of Goddess, slowly this will manifest. It’s all a matter of balance and by having men Priests it will help the scales level.


Men are also more able to recognise their feminine side, as once they weren’t allowed to cry. It was “BE A MAN” or they were called “Sissies". But women also recognise their masculine side with the rise of equal rights.

Artists such as Kat Shaw, celebrate the woman's body so we all feel more comfortable in our own skin.  We have been shamed for too long.  And writers, there are many who celebrate the Goddess.

We deserve to be treated like Goddesses as she manifests through nature and us as women. 

We are not here to be a man’s slave, but to be equal and respected.


Copyright © Suzie Baker (Willow) 2023

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