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Who's who at EAGT

Goddess-loving people who give their time and energy to help run the Temple

Here you will find Members of the EAGT Committee. Each person is able to stay on the Committee for one year before resigning. They may put themselves forward for

re-election at the AGM. This way it gives other people a chance to be involved in the running of the Temple and brings new and fresh ideas and ways of working.


Founder, Treasurer and Tutor

Christine Watts

Christine is a Priestess of Avalon as well as one of our own Priestesses of Andraste, a Hedgewitch and a Tarot Reader. 


Christine runs the Priestess of Andraste Training course for EAGT and keeps us posted with her Mama Witch Blogs.


Christine is also our Treasurer and inspiration of the EAGT to all who join. You will be most welcomed by Mama should you wish to join EAGT at any time!

Claire 2.jpg

Chair of  our Committee and Tutor

Claire Morgan

Claire is our newly appointed Chair for 2023, our resident Astrologer and one of our Tutors at EAGT. Each new and full moon, Claire gives a reading for our  members and the wider public.


Claire dedicated as a Priestess of Andraste some 6 years ago and has been with the Temple since its inception in 2019, guiding students through to their own dedications.

Claire lives in Norfolk and runs her own business - Celestial Directions – where she is a Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Medium, Tutor and Columnist

Denny Bottley.jpg

Vice Chair of our Committee and Temple Weavers Co-Ordinator

Denny Bottley

Denny lives in rural Suffolk and now in her Cronehood, has followed Goddess spirituality for 30 years.


Denny's work and passion is to bring people together in discovery of their spirituality. Denny ran the Southend Goddess Workshops, was a Pagan Federation Officer for Essex and ran pagan moots and events and Red Tents, along with Priestess training programmes. Denny has previously been Chair to the Dolmen Grove. Her passion is to serve and bring awareness of our Goddess community and to spread the word of the Goddess in East Anglia. Denny practices as a Norse Volva (Witch) and is a writer. meditation therapist, and a Celebrant.


Secretary to the Committee

TBC at next committee meeting


Founder, Tutor and Madron Mother

Chantal Soenen

Chantal is one of the founders of EAGT.  She is a Priestess of Avalon and of Andraste.  Chantal is usually one of our experienced Tutors, but this year is taking a sabbatical from that role.

Chantal was born in Belgium and lives in Spain. She keeps in contact by zoom or whenever  possible, travels to the UK for the student gathering and other events. She hopes to join us in the future at one of our pop-up Temples.


Chantal has her own business in Spain - Conexio amb Avalon and has her own blog -  MyPriestessPath.


Chantal is also a Writer, Reiki Master, Artist and works with herbs, candles and crystals.


Social Media Team & Spiral Two Rep

Caryl Lynzy

Caryl joined EAGT in early 2022 and has now taken on the role of Social Media
Secretary. She started her first year spiral training in the Autumn of 2022.

Caryl has followed Goddess spirituality for 25+ years through Glastonbury and the Wheel of the Year. Although belonging to the Carlford Coven and a number of other pagan groups, Caryl considers herself to be a Hedgewitch.


Caryl loves to travel the world and spends her work time doing house and pet sitting at home and abroad.


Social Media Team

James Scott Allen

James is a dedicated Priest of Andraste after completing the three spirals with EAGT.

James is supporting Caryl as part of the Social Media Team helping to maintain our FB group and page.


You will often see his creative work on our social media and at our pop-up temples around the region.

Cat Dachtler.jpg

Joint 1st year Spiral Representative

Cat Dachtler

Born, bred & based in Suffolk, Cat has worked mostly as a massage therapist in her 'working life'. Cat has spent nearly all of her days living with and for horses,  and as a professional massage therapist to sport horses, where she developed skills of communication with horses, aptly named 'The Mindful Touch'.

Cat practices qi gong, yoga and aromatherapy and has taken great strength from her Viking ancestors. She is now inspired to go back to her purest roots and intention of supporting herself and others physically and spiritually. Cat is now in her first spiral at EAGT.


Joint 1st Spiral Representative

Shelagh Ravenscroft


Shelagh has been with EAGT since Samhain 2023 when she started her first year Spiral training. Descended from East Anglian families she has a deep spiritual connection to the lands of Norfolk and Suffolk.


Shelagh has followed a path of Goddess spirituality for 20 plus years and trained for one year in Glastonbury. She is also studying Crystal healing and Herb craft.


Shelagh spends her spare time doing Genealogy, tracing her family's roots as well as for other people. She also grows her own herbs and does crafting - making crystal items which she sells to raise money for an animal charity.


2nd year Spiral Representative

Caryl - see above

Pink lady.jpg

3rd year Spiral Representative



Lay Member


Rob Lummis


Rob has kindly agreed to be one of EAGT Lay Members on our Committee.


Rob is a Shamanic Healer, having been trained by Natives both in Suz on the Holland/German border with the Hopi, and in Canada with the Cree, Blackfoot,& Pawani. Rob is also a Medium & Storyteller.

Lay Member

Lilith Robberecht

Hi I’m Lilith, and I’m the second lay person of the EAGT Committee. I’m from Belgium and I usually work with crystals and self made manifestation candles.


My interested in the Temple and the Goddess of Andraste peaked when I was in Spain a year ago and I visited our lovely Chantal. I’m ready to learn more about Andraste and about the Temple and help out where I can. I hope that one day (as soon as possible) I’m able to visit the Temple and the committee in person, until then I do everything online and through zoom.

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