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East Anglia Goddess Temple
Temple of Andraste

Welcome to EAGT

EAGT is situated in the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex and tipping into Cambridgeshire.

We welcome people of all backgrounds, race, ethnicity and gender who are interested in honouring the Goddess.

We follow the Wheel of the Year, rooted in East Anglia and offer training, leading to becoming a Priestess/Priest of Andraste.


In the centre of our Wheel we call Andraste, the Goddess worshipped by Boudicca, the warrior Queen of the Iceni Tribe.  Andraste was worshipped across

East Anglia, and a sacred grove dedicated to Andraste

is believed to exist in Epping Forest.  

She is supported by Boudicca, whose name could be an ancient term for ‘Priestess’ or ‘Goddess’ as her true identity. 


East Anglia has its own myths and legends and is rich in history.

You will find more about these as you delve deeper into our website.




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