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Be Kind

Updated: May 20, 2023

During the years that I have been training Priestesses and Priests of Andraste, I have been blessed to work with very special people who hear Her call and come to our Community to open themselves to Goddess.

When we allow Goddess to enter our lives, we are entering into a glorious exchange of love and knowledge in a two-way conversation with Her. We experience a heightened awareness of the world around us and of Her nature. We develop our senses, especially our sixth sense, we appreciate the beauty and the abundance that She brings to our lives.

But this is not all, we carry a responsibility to Goddess, especially if we dedicate ourselves to Her, for when we declare ourselves to be Her Priestess or Priest, we are carrying Her into the wider world, we represent Her as well as our Temple Community and this responsibility cannot be taken lightly.

We do not preach to others, we are not here to convert people, we are Her Priestesses and Priests because we chose to be, we chose to hear Her, we carry Her lessons with us of love and compassion.

This is how we celebrate Her, by being compassionate, being loving and aways being kind.

‘KIND’ is a small word, but it is huge in the consequences that it brings. A softly spoken gentle word of kindness is heard loudly around the world, kindness begats kindness, once shared it is like a pebble thrown into a pond, the ripples of kindness spread out wider and wider.

We have no idea of what others are going through, we do not know how lonely they are, or how much pain they are in, or that they may be grieving. A moment of your time is all it takes to spread kindness.

Always Be Kind.

Artwork by Willow Wand

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