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There are Faeries at the bottom of my garden

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Come into my garden, there are Faeries at the bottom of my garden. There are faeries in my garden...

There ARE faeries in my garden I tell you! I am quite sure of it. Why? I hear you ask, trying not to laugh. Well, I’ll tell you why.

Last night, just as I was about to go to bed, I looked out of my kitchen window; it was dark, very dark, and yet I could see tiny pin pricks of lights underneath the old hawthorn tree.

That’s funny I thought. So, I carefully, silently, crept towards the gnarled old tree, and as I approached, all the lights disappeared at once!

Scratching and shaking of my head in wonder, I walked back towards the kitchen door, and just as I was about to lock it, when what do you think? The blessed lights came on again!

So once again, silently and carefully I crept back towards the old hawthorn tree, and once again just as I approached, the lights all went out!

‘Well I’ll be blowed!’ I exclaimed. But this time I had a jolly good look around the base of its brown old trunk I can tell you, there was absolutely nothing unusual to see.The flowers and plants at its base were bobbing in the gentle night’s breeze and a lazy toad hopped away as I rustled around in the undergrowth...... Nothing!

So, once again I retraced my footsteps to my kitchen door, and this time without a backwards glance, but with a pfah, I closed and locked the door, and so to bed.

Well after a while I was still tossing and turning in my bed, I just could not sleep. Warm milk and honey just what I need, I thought. Wrapping my trusty, comfy old dressing gown around me I trundled downstairs and switching on the hob-light I began warming some milk.

The kitchen being in half light allowed me to see clearly into the garden and what do you blooming well think?

There, under the hawthorn tree was a myriad of tiny spots of lights! There were now so many lights that I could see, or rather just about glimpse little figures dancing and skipping beneath the flowers.

Fairy Ring Dance
Fairy Ring

Then to my astonishment I saw a tiny line of lights being carried onto the lawn, where they joined together in a small circle. I could glimpse tips of gossamer wings and dainty little ankles as the faeries with joined hands skipped around inside the tiny circle.

What’s more, straining my ears I could just hear the sound of tiny violins and flutes making a merry tune.

Well you could have knocked me down with a feather! I mean, in my garden! MY blooming garden!

The blasted milk boiled over, so abandoning it, I grabbed my torch and gently unlocked the back door, and began to creep along the garden.

But, Samcat, my big old ginger tom cat, had seen them too!

He dashed towards the tree, his eyes glinting and his tail swishing, but before he could reach them, to the sounds of tiny cries and screams, the lights disappeared into the base of the old hawthorn.

I ran and scooped the old cat into my arms, and as I shone the torch into the base of the tree I saw a tiny, tiny little door that was just closing, and as it did, I heard a gentle tinkling of a bell, and the door gradually disappeared before my eyes!

Samcat looking everywhere

Well! I looked at Samcat and Samcat looked at me! And I swear if Samcat could have, he would have scratched his head in wonder, I certainly blooming well did! We looked again to the base of the tree and we heard, just about heard a tiny little peal of laughter.

Now, I can see by the look in your eyes; that you are quite certain that I imagined the whole thing, but look here; look; here on the grass; you can see a tiny ring made by tiny footprints, and if that is not proof enough, look at the bottom of this lovely hawthorn tree, there can you see it!

Yes! A tiny door bell...............................

Tree of the Goddess at Beltane
Damara's Tree

Copyright © Christine Watts 2023

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