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A Time of Mourning, yet a Time of New Beginnings

I had been wondering what to write in this fortnight’s blog, when our dearly loved Queen’s death was announced.

Queen Elizabeth was an inspiration, she never flinched from her duty placing the country first at all times.

I was born on the last month of the late King’s reign, at eighteen months my Grandma propped me up on the table so that I could watch the coronation. I have lived all of my life as her subject.

Today, the day after her passing, my emotions are raw, there is something missing in me. What is it that has created this void within me? I suspect I am not alone. I can hear our church bell tolling 96 times as I write this, its sonorous tone providing a strange comfort.

Close on the heels of a pandemic which has brought about changes, we are moving into a new era with the passing of the Queen. It feels like the world should stop and yet we continue; the Government carry on, the country carries on, Charles is now our King. We move on.

We continue, we go to work, we carry out the everyday jobs that need doing. It becomes a solace that life continues, no matter how it might have changed. The pattern of our lives continues despite the changes that are happening.

Just as the Wheel of the Year carries on, it relentlessly turns, a symbol of the ever-turning cycle of life and death. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? The seasons come and go, just as people are born and die, just as plants grow and whither.

No matter which God you pray too, or for us the Goddess, She or He remains constant in our lives.

The passing of the Queen is not the end, but a new beginning.

The Queen always carried on, as we must carry on, having learnt from her example. I always thought that she was a generous, kind, warm person, the Mother of our Nation, the matriarchal hands that held us together in times of adversity and triumph.

‘Let us in her memory be generous, kind and warm’.

Goddess bless your Majesty and Goddess keep our King.

Copyright © Christine Watts 2022

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