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Musings of Mama Witch on Andraste

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

In our Temple our patron Goddess is Andraste, known as the Invincible One, She who has not fallen.

There is not much written about Her. What we do know is that She was the Goddess of the Iceni Tribe who Boudicca invoked before battle.

She is a Goddess of fertility, of love. In Her warrior aspect She is Goddess of victory and battles. She was venerated in woodland groves throughout southern Britain.

As we have no myths associated with Her, and with so little knowledge, we must use our intuition, past remembrances and we must meditate on Her to connect to Her.

So, let’s talk about Andraste.

My Andraste is a Mother Goddess, benevolent, kind and generous. She guides me, protects me and blesses me. I am humbled by Her love, proud to be Her Priestess. I know that She will never let me down, nor ask of me more than I can give to Her.

She embraces me when I am down, yet She will swiftly kick my bum if I am indulging in self-pity! For make no mistake, She demands respect; She does not tolerate whinging!

Her warrior aspect has changed now to protectress of the people, the animals and the land of the gentle and peaceful counties of East Anglia.

I always say that the Goddess loves to hear our laughter; She has a sense of humour and many a time I have wondered how I have found myself doing things I didn’t expect, then I realise that an unseen hand has led me. The unseen hand has often led me to find comfort or solace when down, or to find that inspiration needed when unsure or feeling challenged.

She opens my eyes to see the beauty of Her nature. I can hear Her voice singing in the land. She is the Creatrix of all, our planet, the Sun the Moon the stars. She is the Universe! She blesses me with Her love.


Our newest Priestess and Priest of Andraste, talk about Her:

There was a moment that I realised that I was a warrior woman and that for me that looked like someone who was pushing against the norms and expectations of society to live her own life and to work with others in that way.

This made me really consider what I thought a warrior Goddess was. I came to the realisation that not only is Andraste warrior and tough and a force to be reckoned with, but she is forward moving, changing, loving, caring, always there and much more.

She is strong, she is a shapeshifter, she is enormous and she is everywhere and what she is the most to me, is the land of East Anglia. She is in every blade of grass and every tree and every field I drive by. It feels wonderful to know that I can talk to her as I’m walking through a wood or standing on the beach at Dunwich.

Melonie, Priestess of Andraste

What I have learnt with Andraste is she is in all things.

She is the land, the sea, earth, sky.

She is the forest, the rivers, the meadow.

She is the fields, the parks and gardens.

She is the dawn and dusk, the day and night.

She is the sun, the moon and stars.

She is also within us all, and we in her.

We are all one, all made of stars.

She is the universe.

James, Priest of Andraste


Andraste brings constancy and endurance, teaching us to never give up, to do what needs to be done, for we must strive for what we want and for what makes us happy, then we can truly value all that we have achieved.

She will never abandon those who call to Her. She brings victory, not over our enemies, but over our inner fears and insecurities, She makes us secure in Her love, and we become confident. She empowers us to be the person we should be.

She is true in Her love and protection of Her land and its people.

Everything in Her nature is glorious, on land, in the sea or flying above us. She sends the rain to make the crops grow, the Sun to ripen and the wind to cool and blow the fruits from the trees, all this is upon Her body, our Mother Earth.

Blessed Be!


Do you feel Her call? Do you feel a strong connection to the Landscape of East Anglia?

East Anglia Goddess Temple are offering an Internet Correspondence three-year* training programme to become a Priestess or Priest of Andraste.

(*There is no obligation to train for three years, you can study further years when you are ready to do so.)

Led by Priestesses trained at Glastonbury Goddess Temple, and Priestesses of Andraste.

Contact Mama on

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